Mitch Grainger infuses the Blues & Roots genre’s traditional styling’s with a confidence, and depth of spirit, that has seen him compared to the likes of Robert Johnson* by American music critics.

No overnight sensation, this accolade came after over 25 years of performing and recording, predominantly as a side-man with some of Australia and the world’s greatest blues and blues-rock artists.

Beginning his career at just age fourteen, playing harmonica and guitar in the bars of Balmain in Sydney, Mitch Grainger spent his teens honing his craft as a side-man, by jamming with fellow high schoolmates CW Stoneking and Alex Lloyd before joining The Bondi Cigars, who he toured every inch of Australia with before he had turned twenty-one.

Balmain was fertile ground, and if not for being born here, Mitch’s life may have taken a totally different path. One night at The Bridge Hotel in Balmain, Malcolm Young of AC/DC who also lived in the area, walked in and saw Mitch Grainger playing, this led to a long - term friendship and the introduction of Mitch to the Albert’s productions family and one of Malcolm’s mentors, the legendary Australian producer Harry Vanda, whom Grainger made a deal with for the Australian release of his album Love and Demons in 2006.

Meanwhile, the touring work continued all through Mitch’s 20s and into his early 30s with multiple bands, including The Bondi Cigars, Papa Lips & Grainger (with his sister Kara Grainger). Then in 2010, Mitch Grainger relocated to Los Angeles and ensconced himself in the live music scene of Hollywood. It was here that subsequently, in 2015, Mitch Grainger took his first real steps into the light under his own name on the world stage, with his solo acoustic release ‘The Blues’...


“Grainger plays pure acoustic blues with the heart and soul of Robert Johnson… close your eyes, and you can feel the heat and smell the dust of Mississippi”

Suzanne Cadgène, Elmore Magazine. (US)

“Plug It In epitomizes everything that we love about the Blues”

Stephen Harrison, Blues Matters (UK)

“Plug it In see’s him coming back with a bang… the album has a real groove to it…”

Samuel J Fell, Rhythms Magazine (AU)


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