Lick of the Week

Hi Guys,

Introducing Lick of the Week (with ear training)!

Commencing tomorrow the 27th of September and continuing Each Wednesday (PST) I'll be uploading a new video containing a lick (or riff) for members. These licks will be across all levels and use different scales and techniques that are taught in my Step-by-Step course. I will then provide the correct tab for these licks the following week along with the next lick!

The benefits of following my 'Lick of the Week' series and learning them will be two fold.

Firstly, you will gain an ever expanding library of licks to use in your improvisation that will help you get through mental blocks, by providing ideas to start with and or add too.

Then, if you follow the licks and learn them by ear, without the tab, you will soon be able to play the musical ideas that come into your head without needing to refer to tab, because you will know where the notes you hear in your head are on the harmonica!

Cool ha! 🙂

** Also note you can move between all the licks in the series as they come online, by using the previous and next article buttons found below.

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