Lick of the Week #123

Hi Guys! I hope you are all well! Sorry this is a day late, it’s been a crazy time here in LA this week. The lick itself is simple, yet for those of you just getting bending, a nice little challenge. And it sounds good too! Try it over any blues jam track in G! […]

A Closer Walk With Thee

[Beginners] Single notes required. Hi Guys, I thought I’d upload another example of what I am working on at the moment. Jam tracks and ‘Play-A-Longs’ like this one, A Closer Walk With Thee! In this example I play the lead part on the harmonica at the beginning, which you can play a long with. My […]

Play-A-Long (Sample Videos)

The key to using these correctly is to utilize the speed control found in the right bottom hand corner of the videos. Slow the video down and play along, then gradually speed up as you gain proficiency. Along with the AB loop function, this should provide a very powerful and enjoyable learning experience. You be […]