Mitch Grainger - Biography

Discovered by MALCOLM YOUNG of AC/DC at age 16 and later trained in the Alberts' production tradition by HARRY VANDA, Mitch Grainger is one of Australia’s most talented and experienced Blues and Roots musicians, producers and performers.

Known as “Blues Royalty” (MTNS MADE) on the Australian music scene, in 2012 Mitch left all that behind and re-located to the USA with no real contacts, name or reputation, landed at ground level and started again.

I knew I had to play more music and needed to explore more of what the USA had to offer. In previous visits I had felt something in the air, something that really confirmed America as the birthplace of the blues... The blues is where I started and I knew I had to go back to the U.S to find it, the music that first inspired me to pick up and play...”

On arrival Mitch Grainger soon found a new home at the now defunct yet legendary Piano Bar on Selma Ave in Hollywood, where he played every week for four years with his then band ‘The Lovers’.

It was the perfect mix of musicians clubhouse and dive bar that saw him rubbing shoulders with Kamasi Washington, The Record Company, Billy Gibbons and the best of the Los Angeles Blues and Roots music scene.

The result was an acoustic blues record by Mitch Grainger that peaked at #6 on the Australian Blues & Roots radio charts in 2015 and saw him play over 45 tour dates across Australia.

In 2016, Mitch was selected to officially showcase at the National Folk Alliance Festival in Kansas City and has since opened for Tommy Emmanuel, receiving standing ovations.. and made his first tour of Scandinavia, where he had lines around the block at the Live @ Heart Showcase Festival.

Mitch’s YouTube subscriber count now numbers over 60,000 and the move to the U.S seems to be starting to pay off.