Mitch Grainger - Biography

Mitch Grainger is the perfect paradox. A white guy from Australia, who infuses the blues genre's traditional stylings with a confidence, and depth of spirit that has him being compared to the likes of Robert Johnson* by American music critics. His sound, built on a talented configuration of vocals, harmonica and guitar, speaks to those that listen, like a field holler echoing from the deep dark south through a dusty 50’s amplifier, on Chicago’s south side.

Already one of the worlds best known harmonica players, with over 88,000 subscribers on his harmonica driven YouTube channel at last count, and a view count in the millions that ticks over by more than 3000 a day. On the back of his 2015 acoustic release ‘The Blues’, Mitch Granger has recently been making a name as a solo artist at showcase festivals and supports in the US and Europe. Whether receiving standing ovations as an opener for Tommy Emmanuel in Maine, or packing houses in Australia and Sweden, his high-energy stage show is making its mark.

Embracing the voltaic, in the time since his last release, Mitch Grainger simultaneously focused on inventing a harmonica microphone that would enable him to take his raw emotional form of blues up the metaphorical Mississippi river, out of the acoustic domain, and into the electric. The result, Dyna-Mic, Mitch Grainger patented in 2017, successfully Kickstarted in late 2018, and was used by Bob Dylan on his New Zealand stadium tour of the same year.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Mitch Grainger has put together a dynamic and powerful three piece blues-rock outfit, that includes the mighty gifts of Ed Maxwell on Bass, and grammy award winning Deacon Marquinn on Drums. Mitch Grainger handles lead vocals, harmonica and guitar duties.

*“Grainger plays pure acoustic blues with the heart and soul of Robert Johnson. His light-fingered guitar and mournful harp perfectly play up Grainger’s modern lyrics and traditional-sounding melodies; close your eyes, and you can feel the heat and smell the dust of Mississippi” Suzanne Cadgène, Elmore Magazine.

“I’ve watched him search within himself for his true identity as an artist...have a listen to his music...Mitch has come of age” Harry Vanda.