Mitch Grainger - Biography

Discovered by MALCOLM YOUNG of AC/DC at age 16 and later trained in the Alberts' production tradition by HARRY VANDA, Mitch Grainger is one of Australia’s most talented and experienced Blues and Roots musicians, producers and performers.

After taking up the harmonica at age 14 inspired by a dream, Mitch was introduced to the music of Little Walter and within 6 months was performing Blues n Roots music 3 nights a week across Inner Sydney on both the Guitar and Harmonica in THE BEEFS with Australian soon to be pop star ALEX LLOYD. After THE BEEFS disbanded (despite much industry attention) Mitch was recruited by the BONDI CIGARS in 1992 and put to work playing hard hitting blues guitar and harmonica across the length and breadth of Australia’s states and territories, from Broome to Launceston. This was a formative period in Mitch's life, what he calls his "university degree in rock n roll". He lived almost constantly on the road, playing in a new town, in front of a new crowd every night.

In 1994 after 2 years and one Album (After Closing Time), Mitch left the BONDI CIGARS and formed PAPA LIPS with his sister KARA GRAINGER, DECLAN KELLY, ROWAN LANE, DANNY GUERRERO and CLAYTON DOLEY. Together they created a sensation Greater than when Lenny Cravitz re-discovered the wah wah pedal (Michael Smith, Drum Media, Sydney). The band recorded “Harmony” (1996) and “High Time Now” (1998), toured constantly, and played Australia’s premier music festivals, including WOODFORD and BYRON BAY BLUES & ROOTS FESTIVAL numerous times.

In 2001 at the request of Atlantic, Epic, Sony and BMG records, Mitch and Kara Grainger visited New York to play showcases. Their visit coincided with the tragic September 11 terrorist attack and brought on a deep reflective period of song-writing for both Mitch and his sister, stretching over 5 years and leading them in different musical directions.

Upon hearing Mitch Grainger's compositions written during this period, legendary Australian producer, HARRY VANDA (Vanda/Young) encouraged Mitch to record his own debut solo album “LOVE & DEMONS”, which was released in 2006.

Since his 2006 solo debut Mitch Grainger’s voice and music has been heard in movie cinemas across Japan, America & Europe in the “DECEMBER BOYS” movie opening scene, in American and Australian NATIONAL TV SHOWS such as NASHVILLE, KILLER WOMEN, RAKE, and THE TIME OF OUR LIVES. He has recorded countless sessions, written songs, and produced music with artists such as ROSA PULLMAN, PAPA LIPS, KARA GRAINGER, RICK PRICE, THE WRIGHTS, JOHN PAUL YOUNG and acclaimed Australian thespian, JACK THOMPSON.

In recent years Mitch Grainger has gained an international reputation and audience for his blues music and harmonica skills. Type “Harmonica Lessons" into YouTube, and Mitch’s "Step one" video is the first one on the list, with well over 1,000,000 hits. In this hi-tech world Mitch Grainger is now collaborating with artists from Hollywood, to Botswana, while teaching people from all walks of life around the globe how to play their first ever note on the blues harp.

In 2015, Mitch Grainger released his second solo studio album ‘The Blues’, an acoustic blues offering which marked the 25th anniversary of his musical career and importantly signals a new chapter of artistic growth, bringing Mitch out of a recording and touring hiatus, and back into the spotlight.

On the back of it's release and a twenty two date tour of Australia's east cost The Blues spent three months in the top 20 of the Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Chart, entering at #16 and working it's way up to #6.

Mitch is currently working on his 3rd solo Album, 'Plug It In', an electric blues rock album that pays homage to the blues pioneers of the south, who followed the Mississippi river up to Chicago, plugged in their instruments and electrified the delta blues, literally.