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  • in reply to: Minor blues; 3rd position #10935

    Thanks Mitch. I will dive into the comparison & the link you sent. I actually think my piano theory training is “hindering” me a little as the harp/keyboard comparisons only go so far..
    Thanks again.
    I will try to send some audio tracks in the Next few days for your critique.
    I’ve been spending a lot of time with the rack which is it’s own monster with the keyboard..😳

    in reply to: Vibrato hints #10934

    Thanks Mitch…I’ll go “off metronome” for a week or so & see…I feel like I will “know it” when it starts to kick in…just been a frustrating few months with no real feel for the sound & feel in back of the throat !..

    in reply to: Semi tone differentiation on 2 and 3 holes #10186

    It’s the first 3 hole semi tone that is kicking my tail…..I know it’s typically the hardest, but man…..
    I have enough “ugly hours” practice on that note to last a while. When I do seem to hit it, I can’t reproduce
    it when jumping from hole to hole……more practice and “tongue training”

    in reply to: What inspired you to play the harmonica? #9844

    Thanks Ronald….good to know I’m probably in the right spot !

    in reply to: Perfect Pucker #9832

    This is right where I am….Some sessions, I get very clear single notes, and others, it just seems like
    I can’t get the pucker right. Explain the “u-block” again….I am through lesson 3, but maybe I missed it.
    I am also struggling with the 2 and 3 draw…as you said we would. the “straw tech” helps, so I guess its
    just practice.

    in reply to: What inspired you to play the harmonica? #9831

    First of all, your course is great !…i’ve been a keyboard player for a while, and always wanted to add the harmonica
    to my “Piano man” set. I researched some, and your instruction is the best I’ve found !..
    Inspired by wanting to learn the harmonica part of Piano man, ….now I’m addicted !. I’m looking forward
    to getting better, and I’ve seen results in a short time !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)