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    This one goes to Mitch: I’ve modeled my set after the ones I’ve seen you tinker with in The Tool Shed, but my
    Hohner girl Sassy C and Seydel Session Steele Low D is getting lonely, and I’m looking to expand.
    The logical next step from everyone on that Facebook page is getting an A tuned and a G tuned harmonica.
    Are there any other to us unknown or known models you prefer for these tunings or should I just go by
    trial and error? Is a Lee Oskar a hype thing, or? What’s Mitch Granger’s take on the A tuned and G tuned
    tin sandwiches? Happy harpings, everyone!

    Mitch Grainger
    Mitch Grainger

    Hi Alex, I find it is best to use the same type of harps across all keys. However you may want to try a few different models before you settle on one brand. Each model brings subtle differences required with your pucker, so that’s why I suggest settling down on one type eventually. In short, as long as you are using a good quality harp, like any of those you mention the lower tuned harps like G and A will work and sound great. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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