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    I’ve been learning for about six weeks now and I am just so annoyed. I had single notes down but my lips were getting dry every time so I googled that and figured out the harmonica isn’t deep enough. So I tried to fix that and can’t play single notes anymore. My whole jaw is tired after fifteen minutes which I understand is from excess tension but I play three holes at a time if I relax. I also am super out of breath after about five notes and I understand that’s not diaphragmatic breathing but apparently I never breathe from my diaphragm because this is super hard for me. I’m nearly ready to throw this thing away but I also still want to play it. How did/do you people get over the rough beginning stages without giving up or wanting to break something??


    Hi Junor,

    Please don’t throw the harmonica away…..
    For starters we all have gone trough these frustrating periods while learning this beautiful instrument.
    to be honest sometimes while learning new things i caught myself being frustrated also….

    If you did not yet go through the step by step course of Mitch, i recommend you to do so.
    Mitch explains from starters how to hold the harmonica and how to breath etc….
    Take the time to learn new things, your body and brain need time to adapt…. putting a strange thing in your mouth and at the same time breathing without tension and so on, and so on, it is not a natural thing to do.
    Take it one step at the time, put the harp in your mouth ( like Mitch explains very well ) without tension, if you feel tension try to relax if you feel you are relax start to breathe gently in and out the harp don’t worry yet on the single notes.
    build op the practise time…. if you start to get frustrated or feel to much tension lay down the harp and go back to practise if you are not frustrated and tense.
    make a habit of practise every day even if it’s only for 5 min.
    Go to the next step when you feel all is going smooth and so on …… you soon going to feel lesser tension and practise time is going up ☺️

    remember learning new things takes time patience and practise, learning how to ride a bicycle or a car also took time ☺️
    i hope you are convinced to keep practising this wonderful instrument.

    a fellow harp student Henk.


    Patrick Coyle

    Hey guys, I’m totally new in here so firstly I’ll say hi and hope this is the beginning of a great journey.

    As I was reading your words about be frustrated I started to smile , why? because you DIDN”T throw it away.
    You came to the right place , you’ve reached out at a time when the learning was driving you crazy and presto, Ol mate Henk has offered you some sound words of advice.
    What more could you ask for. I myself have only being holding the thing for about 8 days and found it this morning in my pants pocket that was hanging on the clothes line . hahaha id forgotten to take t out, thing is she still sounds great and is squeaky clean .
    So my friend, don’t give up on something that you really want which is to play the Harmonica.
    ps: I’m still trying to get the train thing happening and haven’t got the whistle yet but thats ok because I know I’m just not ready. If ya not ready ya just not ready BUT it will come if ya don’t give up.

    And now i’ll go have a look around the rest of Mitch’s house.


    Hi, I’m relieved to know that there are others like myself and they’re struggling like me. My problem is that when I’m busy working I cannot get online to practice, and even though I practice when I can I feel I’m getting nowhere fast. I have lost count the amount of times I have tried to do the train, only to end up putting the harmonica away.Last week i made a decision to concentrate on the basics and working for 10 minutes with my breathing and I surprised myself . I managed to do the train for 5 minutes,without stopping, can you believe it!! I have not been able to get back online since. . Now that is disappointing. So stick with it , some days my single notes are clear and other days I feel like throwing it away..I have been battling with monica since March now that is a very long time.and still can’t bend.

    I have learned lately that occasionally the saliva in my mouth becomes so bad I have to put monica away and then other times my mouth is dry. Can anyone throw some light on the problem?
    I have tried closing my eyes and relax my jaw, then everything seems easier. but maybe I’m imagining it!! ha ha ha

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