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    Max Rogers

    The screws that hold the reed plate to the comb do they differ between a Hohner and a Lee Oscar?

    Mitch Grainger
    Mitch Grainger

    Yes they do. They are also different between older and newer versions of the same harmonica sometimes. It’ always best to put them in a bowl and keep them together when working on your harps! 🙂


    I have a cheeky little furry friend in the house, and one time, while my precious Hohner, “Sassy C” was disassembled and drying from a wash, my lil’ bro got curious and when I went to put it back together, one screw was missing. is there somewhere I can get Hohner screws? eBay? From their factory? I can’t find prescision screws small enough anywhere. Had to mix it up with screws from my first-bought off-brand harmonica, and I think that’s why it stopped bending properly. But then, maybe I haven’t put in enough ugly hours, am only at course 8, but anyways: there’s screws on the loose, plz halp.


    Please have a look at:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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