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    Any hints to the perfect pucker? I have watched the first video 10 times, as well as other videos online. I know its my technique. I am just new. It seems that I can work the scale pretty well and hit single notes with the use of my tongue to make the one hole shape and less good when I try to JUST use my puckered lips. Should I resist the urge to cheat with my tounge? Am I actually cheating? Will this develop a bad habit? I know I am practicing, because my face hurts. Haha.


    Hi wes,

    I would suggest tilting the back of the harp up and making sure it’s deep in your mouth. The natural curve of your lower lip when the harps in there will create a channel.
    It’s a more relaxed way of lip purse playing and doesn’t result in such a tired mouth…. And it gives good tone.

    Using your tongue isn’t necessarily cheating, in fact it is the basis of the often lauded ‘tongue block’ method, but it depends on how it’s done.
    If you are using your to urge to block notes on one side and play one on the other, then that’s legit tongue blocking. If you are curling it to blow a single note down the middle, then that probably isn’t the best to work with.

    Whatever you do, just enjoy yourself!

    Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

    Hi Wes,

    It is cheating to use your tongue to U-block and get the single hole!

    You need your tongue for other techniques down the road, such as bending (very important) and actual tongue blocking, as Ian mentioned. So.. yep, loose the U-block and just use your lips.

    It’s also natural for your face to be a little sore when starting out, as yep, those muscles need to be activated. That’s one reason a little everyday (like 15 minutes) is better than one huge session once a week. You need to build up the muscle memory!

    Welcome, and all the best!


    This is right where I am….Some sessions, I get very clear single notes, and others, it just seems like
    I can’t get the pucker right. Explain the “u-block” again….I am through lesson 3, but maybe I missed it.
    I am also struggling with the 2 and 3 draw…as you said we would. the “straw tech” helps, so I guess its
    just practice.


    I was cheating. I’m on track now. Thank you guys. Basically, i was creating a u shape with my tongue. I have a good pucker going now. I just didn’t want to start a bad habit right away.


    It took me a looong time to get my pucker in decent shape, and although it’s still not perfect, it’s a lot better than it was when I started. One thing that helped me was instead of just playing the scale over and over again, I’d put on some pandora blues/country stuff, and just play single notes along with it. That was more fun than just playing the scale, and got me moving around on the harmonica a bit too. Hope this helps!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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