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    G’day fellow harpers!

    Because I was so excited (still am), I just had to tell someone, anyone that will listen, about the highlight of my holiday last week and since that highlight was Mitch Grainger – well, what better place to tell my story than here, amongst other Mitch fans!

    So last week I was in Brisbane (Australia). It was the first time I’ve been to Brisbane and I was blown away by the choice of live music venues & gigs. I picked a bar called “The Brooklyn Standard” because I’d read they have live bluesy music playing most nights of the week and as I was learning the blues harmonica, thought it would be a good place to start.

    When I was at the bar, I glanced at the blackboard which had a list of the week’s gigs and nearly choked and spluttered on my drink as I saw “Mitch Grainger” down for Tuesday night. I said to the barman, “Was that Mitch Grainger – cool blues singer – awesome harmonica player Mitch Grainger?” and he said “yeah” and I couldn’t believe it! It was Thursday. Mitch had been here Tuesday, just 2 nights earlier! I was in Brisbane on Tuesday, could easily have gone to the gig but missed it! Noooo! Damn, damn damn! I was so spewing!

    I’ve been having harmonica lessons for about a year with a local man – Damian Coen – who is an excellent harmonica player and swampy blues singer but because he has had a stroke, he can’t articulate his speech properly and has trouble explaining things – so I’ve been supplementing my lessons with Mitch’s Harmonica Course, first finding him on YouTube.

    Anyway, so my Brisbane holiday had ended and I was on my way home (NSW South Coast). I stop off at a girlfriend’s house in Wollongong to break up my trip and tell her how spewing I am I missed the gig. She says “Who is he? What’s his name?” and looks him up. Then she says “Guess where he’s playing tonight?” and I go “I don’t know. Where?” and she says “Thirroul” (which is a suburb of Wollonging). I go “NO WAYYY!!!” I couldn’t believe my luck so of course we go and he was awesome and we had a great night and I was so stoked 🙂

    And now don’t I just have the coolest avatar ever?!! Lol

    Keep on harpin’ everyone and thanks heaps Mitch for all the time and effort you’ve put into this course. It really is so helpful and very much appreciated.



    Hi Karina,

    Great story thanx for charing, and yes the course Mitch put together is verry helpful.
    Music connects people ?
    Started learning the harp almost 2 years ago with the lessons from Mitch, still have mutch to learn.
    Have a nice time learning and playing the harp ?

    Henk from Belgium

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