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    Hey Mitch,
    Loving the course so far.
    Its well organised.
    However do to my studies I went little out in my harmonica practise. However I have regained the pace.
    And started my bending lessons today.
    However I accidently dropped my Special20 and broke it.??
    But in the mean time, I have a Hohner Silver Star to practise upon. Now I am planning to buy a new harmonica to replace my broken special20.
    I am very much satisfied with my special 20, but online i came across another one, named as Hohner Crossover.
    Its a costly instrument compared to special 20.Almost double the special 20’s price.

    Being a beginner,as in a guy who just completed all your lessons prior to bending, would I benefit from that instrument or should I stick to another special20.

    In my particular region Special20C is going to be in stock after about 6 months, where as the crossover is currently available.
    So from a novice point of view.
    Is it possible to handle A Hohner Crossover,or should I wait for 5-6 months and then order another Special20 while keep practising on my silverstar in the mean time..

    Also the Crossover uses a water repellent Bamboo comb(which is expectationally stable according to the description) while Special 20 uses a plastic one..If that makes any difference

    Eagerly waiting for your reply

    Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

    Hey Shashank,

    The Special 20 is a better fit for a beginner (in my opinion) as it has the plastic comb with recessed cover plates. This makes it a little easier to play. So I’d stick with the Special 20, and silver star (in the meantime) especially if the crossover is twice the price and you’re on a budget..

    Hope that helps!


    I’d agree with Mitch on that one too.
    I have a couple of crossovers and to be honest they aren’t anything all that special. Plus they have a very bright sound that I’m not too keen on. The hohner marine band deluxe is a similar spec, slightly cheaper than the crossover and warmer sounding.
    Or just stick with the sp20!


    @Mitch @ian
    Thannks Guys i Guess I would wait until Special20 comes in Stock.But the waiting period of 6 months is too much of a mental challenge for me,frankly because my silverstar is not that responsive as my special 20 and I am finding it difficult to bend on.
    Also I saw another couple named as Hohner Golden Melody and Hohner Rocket.
    Both of them belong to the same progressive line as the special 20.

    And use the same plastic reed and receased plate.

    Wondering if either of them would be any good as my special20.


    The hohner rocket is a fancy version of the sp20, so you should like it. The golden melody is a favourite of many but it’s tuned for melody rather than chords so isn’t used as much in blues playing as some other harps.
    I’d agree with you that you need to get another harp rather than your silver star asap.
    Of the two id go for the rocket , then when you get other keys you can easily go between the two models as they are basically the same as the sp20.


    Okay, so i think i might go for Rocket. Mitch what do you think, need your inputs too..

    Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

    Hey Guys.. Shashank, I agree with Ian 100%. Go with the Rocket. 🙂

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