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    AvatarNils Kock

    Hi Mitch

    Still having a great time with your course.
    I am working on lesson 14 and struggle with the timing. How many counts between the 1 chord and then going to the 4 chord. When I try and tap my leg it seems to be 6 counts, but somehow I get lost.

    I would appreciate some advice on counting between the different chords to start playing at the right place in the jam track.
    Right now I am not hitting it right.

    Regards Nils



    you can slow down the video while listening to Mitch playing the harp. For me the audio and video material were much to fast in the beginning and I still appreciate these tools when starting to learn a new tune.


    AvatarNils Kock

    Thank you Udo
    I do slow it down to begin with, as I start with a new lesson. The counting and timing is what I am struggling with.



    Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

    Hi Nils,

    Great to hear you’re enjoying yourself!

    In answer to your question:

    After you have played the riff for the one chord twice, you pause for 5 beats.

    The 1 chord riff ends on beat 3. Which leaves us beat 4 of that bar, and one more complete bar, before the riff for the 4 chord starts.

    So five foot taps!!

    I hope that helps? Let us know 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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