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    William Pool
    William Pool

    Howdy! I’m thirty-seven year old with Cerebral Palsy who’s left handed!

    I travel around the USA in my VW camper Betsy and my two pups. If you see us say hello!

    I’m a huge music junkie. I tried to learn the guitar, years ago and it never felt right, cumbersome, etc.

    Recently, I had the wild thought after listening to some of my favorite Folk & Blues artists of, “I LOVE the sound of the harmonica, and it’s way smaller, how about that?!”

    I bought an Oskar Lee major C diametric and been hooked since!

    I’ve been practicing about 4 weeks now.

    Mitch’s website/lessons had me hooked! I try to spend two weeks on each lesson so far with 15min morning and night practice.

    I figure why rush the prep work on making good tunes you know?

    My only real confusion is “which” hand to actually hold the harmonica? I’m left handed, but read if left handed you hold it in your right with the numbers up.

    So, while I practice, I do each run with each holding it in my left & right hand with the numbers pointing up. Oddly, it sounds crisper most the time holding it in the right hand. It sounds good holding with the left, but just not as crisp.

    More practice!

    Excited to be part of the community!

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    Welcome to the community William. Great to have you here.

    My advice on your “hich hand is the right one to hold the harmonica?” question: Do what you feel most comfortable with for a start. You will experiment with so many things along the journey you started. Don’t hinder yourself with the hand-question, keep on making music.

    William Pool
    William Pool

    Thanks for the reply! Yep, I dig the personability of the harmonica.

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