Holiday Harps!

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    Im off to Mexico next week for 2 weeks for a working vacation. Ill bring a couple of harps as my brother in law is coming with his guitar so we can have a jam or two (i bring a harp with me everywhere anyway…).
    Ill probably bring a C, A and maybe a D and a G.
    My question to you all is this…..
    Should i bring my favourites, and also more expensive harps, or should i bring my backups, the more easily replaceable harps?!
    I guess the fear is that if i bring my Seydels ill lose them or damage them then have to shell out loads to replace them…. but i really enjoy playing them!
    What do do………?


    Hi Ian, just play the ones you feel good with ?
    We all take good care for the harps even the les expensive ones so no worry’s on that ?
    And no way you will lose them they mean to much for us so they will be close to you at all times ?

    Have a great time in Mexico and have fun playing maybe record it so we all cane enjoy some Mexican blues time.


    Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

    Hey Ian,

    The only thing to consider on holiday as far as I’m concerned is how much beach time you’ll get? A jam on the beach can be awesome, especially with the right people and a beer or two, but a harmonica dropped in the sand could be it’s death, so maybe have a beach kit.

    That is if you’re near the beach! 🙂



    That was oneof my concerns. That I’d drop it in the sand and lose it after a few beers. I think I know what ones to bring….thanks for the feedback guys.


    Back from Mexico today…
    Didn’t drop any harps in the sand despite sitting on the beach playing after having a few to many tequila’s.
    There may be a video somewhere on someone’s phone. If it’s not too horrible I’ll post it.


    Hi Ian, hope you had a great time ???? Looking forward to see you’re tequila blues ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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