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    Hi my name is John

    (Carla Whaley is my mom)

    and i’m an x-smoker, plus i know nothing about Harmonicas.

    I always loved the sound of the harp so i thought i treat myself to learning the harp when i kick my smoking habit. i am a very bad speller. I found this website while i was enjoying songs on Youtube. I have smoked for years, is it to late for me to play the Harp, I know enough that it takes air control to work it. Are there certain breathing exercise i should be doing?

    I live in NC USA.
    Home of the Tar Heels


    Well i thought my Mom was going to learn to harp, but she backed out, she wants to see me learn first, lol.

    Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

    Hey John,

    Welcome! Great reward idea mate.. I hope we can all help as much as possible, if harmonica is proven to help stop smoking this site will really be in business 🙂

    Re breathing, the train in lesson #1 is designed for just that, building up your lungs. Tale a look, but just remember to go slowly at first and aim to keep it going for about 20 – 30 seconds (you might need to look at a clock) .. once you have it going steady at the slow pace, over the course of a couple of weeks, start building up the time to go for around a minute or more.. it’s at that point that you start to speed it up, not before!

    In the lesson, I speed up quickly to demonstrate, but that’s after 27 years of the train! So, yeah.. take it easy and do a little every day.. it helps for sure!

    The other one is just to play the longest (comfortable) blow breath you can do through one hole, followed immediately by the longest (comfortable) draw breath you can play through the same hole.. and repeat..




    Hi John,
    it sure will help you! I only have half of my lungs working and I can do it ;), so you can too. Good luck (and don’t give up).


    Thank you both for the advise and warm welcome. I need some more advise. I have a toy Harmonica at the moment, i need to get one that is for beginners and not too expensive, any ideas?? I wish i had all my cigarette money to use, but sadly my mom needed it, so i need one that will last me for a while. 🙂 Most likely i will have to order the harmonica off the internet. Later i might get a rack, i think that’s what its called. and play while i mow 6 acres of land on my riding lawn mower , lol


    I’ve been surfing the internet and a Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic (1910) has caught my eye. Not to expensive and it says it’s a beginners harp. Any ideas or suggestions?


    I went ahead and order a Hohner special 20 key of C.

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