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    Greg MaxwellGreg Maxwell

    Hi, Mitch!

    My name is Greg, and years ago (another lifetime), I played in a local acid rock band by the name of “Fresh Air.” We were pretty good, too. Well that is except for me. I only sang lead and played rhythm guitar. I have always been a fan of the blues, and a couple months ago, I ran into one of your YouTube videos on Harmonica lessons. Clicking through them, I wound up finding your cover of “Ain’t That Lovin’ You?” and I got hooked. You really look like you’re havin’ fun with that tune! Be nice to see you come to the “Magic City Blues Festival” sometime in Billings, Montana, USA!
    Keep on keepin’ on!

    Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

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    Hey Greg,

    Congratulations on being the first to break the ice here in the meet n greet forum! I’ve travelled to Montana a couple of years back and loved it. My ‘ghost town’ video on youtube was made there. Great place. I appreciate the kind words too, and would love to come and play the festival. If you have a contact there… let me know! In the meantime if anyone else wants to share stories about their music, or say g’day to Greg or myself, jump on in.



    Hi Mitch, and all of you 😉

    I’m henk from Belgium and started playing the harmonica i think 1 1/2 year ago with the lessons of Mitch.
    He is to say my first teacher, you did a great job on the first lessons Mitch it took me a while and a lot of grumblings butt that is just the way of learning practice , practice and more practice to get me to the level i’m at this point.
    Glad you are back with the new lessons can’t whait to get on with it 😉
    Keep up the verry good work thank you for charing your knowledge with all of us.

    Warm greetings,


    Hi Mitch,
    Hello everyone.

    I’m Felix from Germany. Mainly I play bass in rockbands for about ten years now. With my current band ‘Adam Fuge’ we just released our first “real” album.
    Lately I startet to play along others to support a scottish country dance group with live music.
    About a week ago I remembered that old harmonica someone gave me years ago. And after a few tries in the past I really started searching for help this time.
    Your videos are really great. As a complete newbie this very helpful.

    See you all around.


    Hi folks, my name is Ben and I live in Missouri (central US). I play in a church band (acoustic guitar mainly, with some electric). There was a song that I wanted to do that had a horn section and I thought that it would sound neat with a harmonica instead. So, I bought a harmonica and quickly learned that there is more to it than it seems at first. I started looking around on youtube for instructions and eventually ran across you, Mitch. Your method of teaching is very approachable and so, I signed up. I hope you have great success because you are teaching what I really need to know. On top of that, my guitar improvisation has improved because I am “getting” the different keys in a deeper way. I was telling my wife that if I had it to do over again, I would go back 50 years and learn the harmonica along with the guitar.

    Anyway, I am enjoying your course and look forward to the next session.


    Hi. My name is Richard and I live in a wonderful place called Cape Breton on the east coast of Canada. I have enjoyed these lessons from almost the start of them being launched. I am looking forward to going through all of the new content and continuing to learn. As a man with a terrible singing voice, it is great to play an instrument that is always in tune!

    Greg MaxwellGreg Maxwell

    At the time I first mentioned the “Festival” here, they were already booked for this year. However, your name will be put up for consideration for next years festival. I hope a few of your tunes convince the powers that be, that you would be a great addition to our local music scene!


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