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    Is there something available to dampen the sound of a harp while retaining its typical characteristics.
    Sometimes I want to practice while too near to other people to play out loud. Trumpet players and drummers have such dampers available for their practice.

    Any hints?


    I did see a horrible looking thing a few years back that said it did what you wanted.

    Unfortunately I don’t thjnk anything decent actually exists.

    The person that invents a plug in electronic harp which responds to bending and breath force without making any sound, will make a lot of people very happy.


    That’s what Mitch invented: Dyna-Mic
    There’s a Kickstarter campaign – come on board: Campaign

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    Ha. Nearly!
    (Sidenote…. Ill be getting one of mitches mics for sure… )

    What I would want is a harp without reeds basically, that plugs in to headphones and then… Somehow…. Sounds amazing.
    Something that just makes an asthmatic huff and puff noise to the outside world!
    Ideal for when the baby is asleep.

    I found the thing I mentioned before, the sottovoice, and it’s discontinued… It was also very ugly. On the page they mention a midi harmonica that may be the answer if it’s actually being developed?

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    AvatarMax Rogers

    There is one that is on sale called a huffer it goes for 19.99 usd and is sold by Rick Trankle. try YOU MISSED MONDAY for more info


    Thanks for your recommendation. I will have a look.

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