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    Hello everybody! My name is Alex, I come from Harstad and I got this neat little harmonica
    from a dear friend of mine a while back and it took a while to get started, but here we are!
    Super excited. Who knew the harmonica was such a versatile instrument?
    The two first videos of Mitch really blew me away, even so that I dare not start the third
    lesson before I have received my proper harmonica in C so I can do a full scale.

    Can’t wait to do a full scale. Playing the harmonica is super fun!
    Much love to you all, and Mitch: you’re just great!

    PS. Beside the attica and pure hole blows and draws, is there anything else basic
    stuff I should be doing to develop my sound?


    Hello Aleksander,

    Welcome to the community. The journey you have started is really worthwhile.

    For me it helps to listen to harmonica recordings and get a good feel for the sound of our instruments. Mitch has the section Lick of the Week that helps you to train your ears.
    Start listening for the rhythmical patterns of licks and songs – timing is another important aspect of a good performance.

    Keep on harping


    Thank you for that, sir.
    Grateful for the reply, I will be following up on great advice!

    Keep posting

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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