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    I got given a cheap harmonica for my birthday a couple of years ago which got me started but threw it out because I couldn’t bend on it properly and some holes just didn’t seem to work.

    I then bought a nice quality Hohner Special 20 (made in Germany – cost me about AUD $50) and have had it now for about 18 months.

    I do know how to bend now 🙂 but lately can’t get all the bends on the 3rd hole (or can’t hold them at least) and the 9 hole draw just doesn’t seem to make any sound at all.

    I know they say “bad workers always blame their tools”, but is it possible my harmonica is broken? Someone did tell me once that harmonicas are disposable – that they don’t last forever, especially when you are just learning and giving them a rough time trying to bend etc.

    Do you need to replace them? And if so, after how long? Could it be possible that I’m due for a new harp?



    Hi Karina,

    When i started with the harp i made a lot of mistakes ? Like we all do learning something new ?
    One of the mistakes is blowing to hard and yes trying to bend using to much pressure instead of technic, what happens with the reeds when the get loads of pressure ??, yes die go out of tune get stock ore break.
    When this has happend you can re-tune the harp, ore replace the broken reed if you know someone who cane, if not you have to get a new harp ?

    Ones you got the right technic your harp will last “for a long time” just cleaning them on a regular basses get you going.
    I think Mitch was going to make an extra vidio on this “How to clean the harp” ?

    Hope this helps ?



    Yeah , maybe time for a new harp. Or
    … You can save a small amount if you buy replacement reed plates rather than a whole new harp.
    Getting a single reed replaced will probably be nearly as much.


    Thanks for your input guys. Replacing parts sounds kinda scary for me so I think I’ll just treat myself to a new one. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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