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I think one thing that we all find in the early days is a need to try as many harps as our bank balance can afford.
The difficulty in finding a harp that works for you is that fundamentally there isn’t much difference between any of the top tier harps.
If you record the sound of a marine band classic and a crossover, you would be hard pressed to hear a difference, the same could probably be said for the special 20 and the rocket. What makes them different is more likely to be the ‘feel’ of the harp, to you, the player.

It took me quite some time and a fair chunk of change to settle on a harp that works for me.

Tuning is a different story altogether! I only prefer the tuning that you get with the marine bands as it sounds better for chordal playing. Unlike the suzuki harps that have a tuning that works best with melodies etc.
I have no idea about some of the more unique tunings , it’s not something I want to get confused with!