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Ronald JamesRonald James

Ian, thank you. Out of all of the three harmonicas mentioned I have one, an E Rocket. There are two things about it that I like; the blow and draw holes are the largest of any harmonica that I have, making it a bit easier to grab an individual draw or blow note. It is also the loudest of any harmonica that I have. In that regard it seems to be in a class of its own. I like it’s tone, but am not yet ready to say that I like it any better than several other harmonicas that I have. Much of that has to do with a not very sophisticated ear, but as much, if not more of this is due to changes in what I like. Particular sounds that a month ago I found disagreeable or distressing I now find interesting and somewhat enticing.

You mention tuning. This is another factor that sets my mind to wandering. You hear mention of, Country tuning, Chicago tuning. etc. I just saw a video that referred to Piedmont tuning. I don’t have any idea what these different tunings are and wonder how much my preferences are determined by different tunings. Perhaps this will unfold in a coming chapter of my growth