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Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

Hi G!

Thanks for the kudos and the question too!

It’s natural to have more air coming in to your lungs than leaving when first starting to play, as this is the way the brain has always thought of breathing. We think to breath in, not out!

What needs to happen when starting on the harmonica is to increase what we call ‘breath control’.

This is really achieved in 2 ways; 1. by simply playing more harmonica, 🙂 and 2. by focusing in a little on your diaphragm muscle, trying to keep it firm when playing many notes (in and out). Your diaphragm is the same muscle you use to hold your breath… Try holding your breath for a second and focusing in on your abdomen area, to feel the muscle in action.

When you get more in touch with that muscle you can better start to control how much breath passes through the harmonica, and control the volume too and eventually you won’t even be thinking about it when you play.

Try that when playing the train and laughing clown and then let us know how you’re going in a week or two?

Cheers and welcome to the site!