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Ronald JamesRonald James

Patti: Are you always able to get an active music thread when you log in to, Radio Caprice Harmonica Blues. I have tried over the last three days… I get to the site but can’t get it to play any music.

Curry: Mitch has a highly organized mind. He always moves logically from point to point with almost no aberration in his line of thought. He may be blessed with that, or he may have spent many years meditating. Perhaps he has reached a point where his music becomes his meditational focus. One thing is certain, a great deal of what is out there in the on-line harmonica world is very bad. Last week I encountered a fellow who was “teaching” harmonica. He had stationed a chair in front of a hallway leading to an open bathroom with some clothing hanging out of the sink. I am not good enough to know how good or bad this fellow was with his harmonica, but I can say without any doubt, this lad needs a lesson or two in something that we might call, setting the stage.

Take care, Ronald James