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Ronald JamesRonald James

I have mentioned in another post that I am experimenting with a number of different harmonicas representing a number of the more popular brands. I have several of the Marine Band series, including a couple of Marine Band 364/24’s. Another Hohner harp that I like is the Blue Midnight. Fender has a line of harmonicas that may be emerging as my favorite, the Blues DeVille Harmonica. I don’t think the tone of the DeVille instruments are any better than the Hohner’s, but I love the look and feel of these harmonicas. I have not tried a Special 20, but every time I turn around I encounter another person that has very good things to say about that linage.

I have a couple of questions about these harmonicas. I wonder if the reason that I like the Blue Midnight’s as well as I do is because they are tuned using what is referred to as, “Chicago style tuning” Try as I may I have not been able to find out what Chicago style tuning means. Perhaps there is someone out there who could help me with this. Another thing I have been curious about is the lack of popularity of the Hohner 364 and 365’s. It seems that these will do most if not all of what the ten hole models do and at once extend the instruments range. I would think that this would increase rather than decrease the popularity of these instruments.

Take care all, Ronald James

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