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Ronald JamesRonald James

Hi Ian and others. One of the difficulties that one encounters in forms such as these is created by bring together beginners and more advanced learners and hoping that everyone will understand one another.

Right now I am working on many elementary things, one of those is exploring the different types and brands of harmonicas that are currently available I am also reading anything that I can find that helps me understand the evolution and history of the instrument and the different genera that harmonicas are commonly used to recreate. I am spending time on attempting to understand the vocabulary that advanced learners, such as yourself use, For example in another thread you introduce us to Phil Wiggins. In that introduction you use the terms, “Piedmont blues”. I have been trying to find out what that means. Thus far I have found many references that relate to the guitar, but nothing that describes the harmonicas relation to this genera of music. In this thread you use the word triplets. I know that triplets must be something that has a sequence of three, but beyond that I am left wondering.

On an empirical level I am working on the courses first six lessons and on a personal level developing a vocabulary of words that sound good when enunciated through the harmonica. I am sure that there is material out there that might help me with this endeavor, but I haven’t run into it yet.

Be well, Ron