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Ronald JamesRonald James

Hi Ian, and thanks. I have been tilting the harp up towards my nose, but not as far as you suggest. I will give that a workout when I am finished here. I am not a wealthy man, but do have the resources that have enabled me to buy a number of different harps to see what is out there and to see if I like one brand/one key better than others. I had noticed the Suzuki Overdrive awhile back and was curious, even though I knew that I was a long ways away from being able to operate one. I bought the one that I have because I was able to pick this one up for about 30% of the normal cost.

I wonder if Suzuki will be successful with this concept. First, there are no good guidelines for operating the instrument; at least I have not been able to find any. Secondly, to deal with twenty openings with ten digits while holding the harp and working the front end, i.e. the mouthpiece seems to me to be a near impossible task. Thirdly it is hard for me to imagine that much improvement in sound over the bending techniques that have been popularized during the last fifty years or so.

Be well, Ron