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Ronald JamesRonald James

Hay Udo, Thanks, this should help quite a bit. I am terribly slow with all of this and have spent the last four weeks working on the first five of Mitch’s lessons. I have several problems when it comes to learning an instrument and/or music. Probably the most significant is a very bad ear. And by bad I mean real bad. For example I recently purchased a slide guitar, not anticipating all of the different tunings that are used with this instrument. I have a good tuning meter that helps me know when I have the note. It does not tell me which octave I am in, and my ear is so bad I frequently can’t tell whether I am an octave high or low. I can hear a difference between octaves, but don’t know if the tone that I am hearing is above or below the tone that I want. I may be kidding myself but believe that if I persevere I will eventually overcome this deficit.

You mention a Android App. This sounds like this is something that I could use. Since it is an app. it sounds like something one can download, or do you need to buy a mechanical device. Where can one obtain one?

Thanks again, Ron