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Hi Ron,

The vertical lines indicate how many half tones you bend to reach the specific note. It’s something Mitch explains in the early lessons. So one vertical line means bend one half tone, two means bend two half tones, and finally three means bend three half tones. The bend in holes 1,2,3,4,, and 6 are draw bends (breathing in), the bends in holes 8,9, and 10 are blow bends (breathing out).

Mitch says something like – “There are as many half tones available as are lying between the draw note and the blow note on one hole”. For example 3 blow is G and 3 draw is B. So you can bend Bb, A, and Ab while drawing the reed in hole 3.

For me it was very hard to hit the right bend by ear. So I use an Android App called Bendometer Mobile to assist me. It shows the harp layout and all the notes (straight or bent) that are playable. When I play it shows me in real time if I hit the right note. To have feedback while I play is valuable for me.

BTW: Other notations use the number of the hole (1-10) and prefix it by – if you draw the note and + (or nothing) if you blow the note. The bends are notated by ticks (‘). So you might see something like -3 -3”.

Have fun,

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