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Ronald JamesRonald James

Hi, Ian and others. I am working on a couple of elementary things, but am confounded by single note blows and draws. My ear is so bad that most of the time I am uncertain if I am moving air through a single channel or am still creating sound through more than one. I do have faith that this is a little like learning to type or operating the clutch on your first automobile, i.e… That time and practice will create their magic and someday I will be thinking about the days when the simplest of things evaded me.

I am hoping that I may have found a mothers little helper for this problem. I recently purchased a Suzuki Overdrive. For those not familiar with these instruments, Suzuki has placed a total of twenty holes in the covering plates on the opposite side of the mouthpiece of a diatonic harmonica. Suzuki claims that by covering the opposing blow or draw hole you can easily produce a well controlled bend. My ear is so tin I am a long ways from being able to hear those bends, but what I have found is that by covering a particular hole, say for instance, a blow on the first hole I can tell if I am activating any other reeds than the one blow.

For now I am hoping that is what I am experiencing.

Be well, Ron