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Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

Hey Ian,

I play chromatic, and encourage anyone that wants to learn on the proviso they have been playing diatonic for at least six months… (which I know you have from our last group skype lesson 🙂 ).

The reason to wait is that you’ll need to get used to a slightly different pucker when playing the chromatic, as the chromatics are a different shape, but if you have been playing for while on the diatonic it becomes like riding a bike, and the new instrument won’t confuse your muscle memory.

Then, to really get going, the main thing you’ll need is a good understanding of the music theory I teach in the advanced section of the course, as a chromatic instrument has ALL the notes!

Let’s keep this thread going and see how much interest there is in the chromatic?? Meantime that reminds me of an old photo I found on my last trip home.

Me and Larry Adler, back stage at the Sydney Opera House. Unfortunately over the years, it got stuck to the frame it was mounted in, but it’s a treasure none the less!

Mitch Grainger and Larry Adler