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I just want to report that I moved to lesson 15 this morning. I can honestly say I probably spent 60 hours of practice on lesson 14. It made me go back and practice my bending a lot. But what really held me back was the timing of the notes. I was just playing them and it didn’t sound right. It is very important to get the “feel” of the tune. I also quit looking at the sheet as I had it memorized and looking at the sheet meant I wasn’t paying enough attention to the sound.

Mitch, I really like the way you set these lessons up. I have played the guitar for many years and consider myself fairly good at it, but the harmonica has opened up my guitar playing in a way that I didn’t anticipate. I have come to understand that I really didn’t understand what it meant to play in a certain key (I understood it on an intellectual level, but not on a physical level). My playing by ear has moved forward quite a way in a very short time.