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AvatarPhil Todd

Thanks again Mitch,
Got myself the Fender and, yea, pretty happy with it – it good and solid made its good and heavy and doesn’t feel cheap and nasty at all like the swan!
I’ll still get myself a special 20 when I’ve got a bit more cash I think but I like the fender – it seems strange to me – more than any other instrument I’ve played many reviewers seem utterly dismissive of even moderately priced harmonicas – I mean as a guitarist there are instruments I wouldn’t be caught dead playing but many fine moderately priced guitars that would suit all but the most prolific players but on the harp so many people say that even if it’s made by Hohner if it’s not a special 20 or something of level it must be junk!
Would your opinion on it be?
Do you really have to spend that much early on or can there come a stage later where you know you need the more advanced instrument?
P.S still struggling with the bends but I think it’s me and not the harp (bad workman and his tools and all that) will keep practicing…