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AvatarPhil Todd

Hi Guys
First of all Mitch many thanks for the course, its really good.
Can I ask a quick bending question, I’m pretty new to Harmonica – I’ve prob only been playing about a month now and only getting into bending for a few weeks.
I’ve kinda got some bending on the draw holes but I can’t to figure out how to progress beyond the semitone bends into the whole tone on 2 let alone the tone and a half on 3.
Is there any trick to doing it or does it just come with time and practice?
Also that kinda leaves me stuck on step 7 – should I stay there until I master whole tone bends or is it ok to move on and look at other stuff while I’m still trying to get the hang of all the bending?
If anyone can advise I’d be most grateful.
Many Thanks