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My Chihuahua “Dinges” is a cute dog, yes…thank you 🙂 Actually it is my second small dog. In early days I owned very large dogs, but it’s too tough physically so I got a Dachshund first. His name was Jazz…had him together with a Siamese cat called Blues 😉 Blues died in 2009, Jazz suddenly dropped dead 2 years ago. Very sad…
I can imagine you were heartbroken when you lost KnightShade. We also own solid black cats. Also a black smoke called Gwen is Gone Fishing, we call her Fish 🙂 She is the one in the picture.
And music… well, I didn’t know the Blues Traveler Band nor John Popper. I watched a video about the Fender John Popper Blues Traveler and I liked his play and the sound of the harmonica. It plays very easy in high notes. So different from my husband’s Golden Melody. I’m a 0 in playing music though. Still stuck in the first lessons…. Sometimes I think I will never play a pure note 😉 And I don’t like the sound in C. Should be a G, but that is stuff for later on 😉