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Good Morning, Mitch:

Thank you, for the quick reply, I appreciate your taking the time, when your time is limited on tour. I did purchase a few new harmonicas, after I wrote to you and will just touch on some of my findings, for your edification and/or comments.

I purchased two Suzuki harmonicas, the a Manji M20 and a HarpMaster in C. I also purchased one Seydel in C. The Suzuki harmonicas had to be “tweaked, because the Gap, for my playing was too wide, especially the #2 and #3 channels/holes I don’t play loud or hard! the overall response was much better!

The Seydel has a different softer tone, but no tweaking at this time. I have to play it for awhile and determine, if it should be tweaked, for my playing style. The feel, weight and physical dimensions of the Seydel were very nice, once you get used to the slight dimensional difference, compared to the Hohner Special 20, which has been my favorite harmonica for years.

I don’t prefer the fluted vents, on the top reed cover plates, of the Suzuki Manji M20. No vents on the top reed cover plate of the HarpMaster harmonica, but that’s just my opinion! It seems the Manji M20 is more for the hard, loud player. the HarpMaster was more to my likeing. The Suzuki harmonicas are very critical to over playing or it will “choke!, at least for my playing and it did require precise playing, brilliant sounding harmonica, but nice!

Mitch, the above evaluation, is just in “my humble opinion.” “Have a great day and tour…You deserve it”


Have a great tour and the day…You really deserve it”