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Hey Mitch –
Thanks so much for the course – great stuff! When I hear great music, it makes me feel like I’m floating…..I just caught a couple of your live videos filmed in LA – awesome…guess what, I’m floating!
I’m a huge fan of ‘subtle; harmonica, especially in rock music….think ‘Bring It On Home’ by Led Zep, U2, Aerosmith, etc., and I have a tough time learning how to play some of this very cool stuff. Could you possibly cover some of these techniques/improvs to help me ( ‘US’ – the harmonica community)?
Much appreciated! Can’t wait to get the Mitch Grainger ‘Live at the Hollywood Bowl’ CD!! Right – it could happen!!

PS – do you ever get to Orange County, CA? You have to play at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano!