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Hi Glenn,

Just go on to the next lesson. Please stop worrying about lesson 4. You can revisit it any time once you are ready to start improvising.
When I was at lesson 4 I thought it might address musician who have prior experience with other instruments.

What helped me to get a start with improvising was Mitch’s “Lick of The Week” or “Ear Training”. Here I find ideas, little sketches I can use while playing along.

I think of myself as a melody guy and I start playing the melodies by either listening to recordings, reading tabs or scores. Not so much improvising involved but what it does is training my muscular memory.

Please relax and don’t stress yourself. You set the pace and sometimes it helps to turn away from the lessons and turn to “Original Jam Sessions” or “Ear Training” instead.

Keep on harping

BTW: To my knowledge Paul Buttterfield used only the notes of the blues scale for his music. So the blues scale is a great way to start.

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