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Thank you for this nugget o wisdom, Mitch… it has been priceless! Seriously it has been such a shift and hard to believe I was playing like that for so long. I could feel something was off, but now that I am practicing not using my nose… whoa does it make a difference!!!

So for example… I am on Lick of the week #40 and I was practicing it before your advice and now that I am doing it with my nose closed… whoa is it different. I have become aware of so many more subtleties of my playing.
1. Relearning how to make a good sound on the 1 and 2 holes without my nose.
2. How much air I am letting out and in… on this particular chug I am finding that I can’t let out too much air on my out breath because I will run out of air for my in breath and it won’t be balanced.
3. My playing always sounded so breathy and I wondered how people’s recordings sounded so clean especially over a mic… like “how did they play without the mic picking up the breath going in and out of the nose?” Lol! I get it now😂

I realize that this will get easier as I strengthen my lung capacity. But it’s been good for me to realize that I was wasting breath and now to see how to manage breath. Before I was managing my breath like a teenager without any clue of money manages a new credit card lol!

It’s really helpful to see how to manage breath like when I am playing a long phrase that involves a lot of out breath vs. a lot of in breath and how I have to account for that and breath accordingly. I am sure this will all become second nature especially as my lungs get stronger but right now it amazes me how it feels like learning to drive a stick shift.

My playing has already made drastic improvements, so again thanks so much for this… it is pretty exciting having made this shift and the doors it is opening in my playing!