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Wayne PrestonWayne Preston

Thank you for your comments Udo they are much appreciated. I finally got a handle on posting though took some time.
You have been very supportive and helpful and made the process easier with your feed back.
I used a recording platform called Audacity. Its a free, open source, cross platform audio software free to download for anyone and a lot of fun.
I have found it extremely useful during lock down here in Victoria Australia to record tracks send them off to my friends and they add to them and we end up with all sorts of digital results. Because we cant get together at the moment its a great alternative and keeps the music vibe going. Even for your own practice its a wonderful tool to listen to yourself and see where you need to strengthen bends etc.
My SoundCloud recording was done on Audacity with a little reverb added to give it a slight echo effect, just one of the effects you can add. Check it out
Have fun and as you say “Blow the Blues”