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Whhoooaaa…! You have been busy indeed, Mitch!!
Well I was already impressed with the old model having found it to be the most interactive, supportive, and clearly explained site on the web….but this…wow did you just step it up! That is so visually pleasing and easy to understand. This new model for the step by step course is so supportive. Coming up against a difficult piece of music with new techniques involved can sometimes feel daunting. I think this new model will be encouraging for students and will really help build confidence. It actually feels as if you are in person with a teacher walking you through each step of the piece. And being able to have it so interactive from the very beginning with “she’ll be coming around the mountain” is so cool! When I first learned that song in the course, I loved playing it faster and faster and now doing it along with you in this model is really fun. Great name as well…two thumbs up all across the board…looking forward to getting to be part of it! Congrats!