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Mitch GraingerMitch Grainger

Hi Robin,

You’re the first person to notice this. Nice work.! I am actually not wanting you to worry about what note you hit really, just that the bend is clean and clear. I decided to have the jam tracks play a tone bend on the 2 hole and the 3 hole, as the semi-tone bend on those holes requires more control for most people, and we are still just getting started in bending through these lessons.

So, stick with using the jam tracks for practice and get as close to those notes as you can. In step 7, things get much more defined.

Here’s a copy of the tips you may have gotten via email!


    You can’t bend properly before your single hole technique is solid. Get that first.

    Stay relaxed

    Trial and error is your friend. Do not keep trying to bend by doing the same things with your tongue and mouth. Vary up each attempt.

    When you do start to get it one day, keep bending for as long as you can that day to train your muscle memory.

    If you loose it the next day, don’t give up. It will come back.

    Higher pitch reeds need less movement of your mouth and tongue. Don’t over do it.

    Don’t just do bending. Move forward in the course a little, just keep working on your bending.

    Everyday Practice is the key. Even if you don’t seem to be getting it. Just do at least 15 minutes a day.

Last but not least, remember you have a teacher. Me. I may not be able to reach through the screen and grab that harp out of your hands, but I can get very close. Use the forums, upload Mp3’s or even video links. Be honest about your bending and I’ll be honest back.

It worked for me, and it can work for you.

Keep on Harpin’