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thanks for your kind words.
No, I don’t play the guitar, don’t even know how to do that. What you hear is Mitch playing the guitar and me playing the harp. We needn’t meet in person to do so.

With Jam Tracks Mitch offers several ingredients to do so. First of all you have the video where Mitch plays and explains the ja, track. Here the slowdown feature of the video player comes in handy. As Mitch says: Start playing slowly and speed up over time. Second you get the tab sheet for the jam track – so you can get a feel for the melody playing the track lick for lick. Part four is the MP3 recordings of Mitch playing the track with the harp, accompanying himself with the guitar. Finally you get the backing track where Mitch plays the guitar (and no harp).

After getting a feel for the melody and the timing you can use the MP3 to play along with. I start playing to the recording of Mitch playing both instruments. It takes some time (at least for me) to get the pauses right and listen to the hooks Mitch plays that help you as markers for you entry to the next lick. Finally I tackle the backing track.

I have recorded the session with GarageBand where I can drop in the backing track and then record me playing along on a second track.

I have started just playing along while mastering the melody and timing . This was a very rewarding experience on its own. The idea of recording only occurred to me after I received the Dyna-Mic (another of Mitch’s great ideas).

You should have a go with the Jam tracks as they are another worthwhile training field on Mitch’s site. He has grouped the tracks in beginners, intermediate and advanced categories.