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Hi, I’m relieved to know that there are others like myself and they’re struggling like me. My problem is that when I’m busy working I cannot get online to practice, and even though I practice when I can I feel I’m getting nowhere fast. I have lost count the amount of times I have tried to do the train, only to end up putting the harmonica away.Last week i made a decision to concentrate on the basics and working for 10 minutes with my breathing and I surprised myself . I managed to do the train for 5 minutes,without stopping, can you believe it!! I have not been able to get back online since. . Now that is disappointing. So stick with it , some days my single notes are clear and other days I feel like throwing it away..I have been battling with monica since March now that is a very long time.and still can’t bend.

I have learned lately that occasionally the saliva in my mouth becomes so bad I have to put monica away and then other times my mouth is dry. Can anyone throw some light on the problem?
I have tried closing my eyes and relax my jaw, then everything seems easier. but maybe I’m imagining it!! ha ha ha