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Hello Twigslet,

To get used to bends and answer the question of progress it helped me to have a little companion. It’s an app that’s available for Android and iOS which is called Bendometer. It was way cheaper than it is today (ca. 11€ this side of the Atlantic). But there are other apps either cheaper or for free which you can turn to. There is one called Harmonica tuner. While you play it shows you the pitch of the notes you are playing.

As a starter you can play all holes unbend and look at the display if the notes are identified correctly. Then you could turn to holes 1 or 4 which have only one half step bend, but are easier to attack than holes 2 and 3. This visual feedback helped me to get more confidence in the technique if found over time.

Remember that you have to train the muscles in your throat as this is a complete new movement you are learning here. And although remember that it took some time when you built up muscles while learning some new sport. So don’t rush it and please don’t stress yourself.

Getting used to a new instrument with a different note layout for every of the three octaves you can play is taking time as well.