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Hey, Mitch I am really struggling with this!! I am sure you’ve gathered after all this time.

0n one hand, i’m making very little head way and I’m cheesed off about that as I hate to be beaten.

On the other hand – I have been getting some rather unusual notes out of my Hohner Special 20 but not sure what they are. As they don’t sound anything like yours. . i can do the A-tic-A HA no problem. Interestingly, I played Coming round the mountain reading the chords but I kept losing my place and became very frustrated. However when I stopped reading the chords and started playing on my own along the harmonica I did begin to pick out some notes on my own-which I suppose is a little bit head way.Is it not?

Tried the Clown but I don’t know the tune to it so not sure if I’m playing it properly or not. Same goes for Stargazer not sure of it either.
Can you give me some tunes I know then perhaps I could make sense of what I am playing.