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Hi, I purchased my harmonica online prior to joining your course and as it was only an idea then and I paid pennies for it, thinking it might only be a silly phase I was going through.

Since joining last week I have been practising around 3 and 4 times a day. When I sit down, I automatically pick Manonia up and begin playing. I won’t say it’s easy as there are times when I keep checking i’m doing it right ir, train trax Especially when speeding up, I completely lose the rhythm altogether but practice regardless. I would like to purchase a proper harmonica despite being aware this is still early days? Amazon have a Hohner 560BF Special 20 would this be okay? or there is the Bob Dylan I could buy but certainly more expensive. I’m not sure which would be best.

Strange having never tried or held a harmonica before,re: cleaning, I have just been tapping it on my jeans…

Thank goodness you have this forum.


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