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Hey guys, I’m totally new in here so firstly I’ll say hi and hope this is the beginning of a great journey.

As I was reading your words about be frustrated I started to smile , why? because you DIDN”T throw it away.
You came to the right place , you’ve reached out at a time when the learning was driving you crazy and presto, Ol mate Henk has offered you some sound words of advice.
What more could you ask for. I myself have only being holding the thing for about 8 days and found it this morning in my pants pocket that was hanging on the clothes line . hahaha id forgotten to take t out, thing is she still sounds great and is squeaky clean .
So my friend, don’t give up on something that you really want which is to play the Harmonica.
ps: I’m still trying to get the train thing happening and haven’t got the whistle yet but thats ok because I know I’m just not ready. If ya not ready ya just not ready BUT it will come if ya don’t give up.

And now i’ll go have a look around the rest of Mitch’s house.