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Hi Junor,

Please don’t throw the harmonica away…..
For starters we all have gone trough these frustrating periods while learning this beautiful instrument.
to be honest sometimes while learning new things i caught myself being frustrated also….

If you did not yet go through the step by step course of Mitch, i recommend you to do so.
Mitch explains from starters how to hold the harmonica and how to breath etc….
Take the time to learn new things, your body and brain need time to adapt…. putting a strange thing in your mouth and at the same time breathing without tension and so on, and so on, it is not a natural thing to do.
Take it one step at the time, put the harp in your mouth ( like Mitch explains very well ) without tension, if you feel tension try to relax if you feel you are relax start to breathe gently in and out the harp don’t worry yet on the single notes.
build op the practise time…. if you start to get frustrated or feel to much tension lay down the harp and go back to practise if you are not frustrated and tense.
make a habit of practise every day even if it’s only for 5 min.
Go to the next step when you feel all is going smooth and so on …… you soon going to feel lesser tension and practise time is going up ☺️

remember learning new things takes time patience and practise, learning how to ride a bicycle or a car also took time ☺️
i hope you are convinced to keep practising this wonderful instrument.

a fellow harp student Henk.