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Hank HamiltonHank Hamilton

Tony, I gotta second all that Henk Had to say, good comments and advise. Yes, play everything very slowly and deliberately, don’t rush. Try to play in time, in fact use a metronome to help you to do just that – play in time. I also must say that your single note playing, and the playing in the upper octave is really good for a beginner.

Some observations and comments: As you can see, posting an audio is very helpful when trying to communicate about a problem; thanks for posting the audio file. I can hear the problem on hole 2 draw, especially. This is always about embouchure and restricted airway. You have to learn to breath gently through the harp and not suck and blow; must have an open throat. Most everyone has this same problem in the beginning, and at some point you don’t have it any more. Your 2 hole draw sounds a lot better than mine did when I first started. So be of good cheer and be patient.

Try alternating 2 draw and 3 blow; these are the same notes and you should aim to make them sound the same.
Try alternating chords with the 2 draw and 3 blow, i.e. 123 draw-2 draw, 123 draw-3blow, or something like that; I included an audio file, see the soundcloud link below.
Take a listen to the Tomlin Leckie video I mentioned previously: Good insights on this video.

I am attaching an audio exercise you might find useful and fun. The point of the exercise is, mainly to get to the point where you cannot differentiate between the 2 hole draw and 3 hole blow.