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Hank HamiltonHank Hamilton

Hello Danny,

I just noticed your post. I would second what Udo suggested early on. Record yourself and post the recording in the audio forum. Then everyone can hear exactly what you are trying to say in words, and then you can get some informed feedback. There was a similar post from a new member who, it seems is having the same sort of troubles with the 2 and the 1 holes. Try articulating the “ahh” sound as you inhale, this opens up the throat as when the doctor tells you to say ahh. Again, record your playing and post it to the forum.

Just a guess on my part, but it sounds like you are drawing too hard, and the airway is restricted; you will always get a bent 2 draw if the airway is restricted and if too much air is drawn in. Post your problem so we can hear it.

You might also do a youtube search on the topic; try tomlin leckie, liam ward, for example; lots of good info on these sites.